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Which wall should you choose for your feature wall?

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Tate - Brown Circle wallpaper design

Tate - Brown and White Circle wallpaper design. This circular design may look odd if it has square or rectangular shaped windows cut into it.

Choose the wall that makes the maximum impact when you walk into the room.

If you’re paying good money to create a feature wall with one of our stunning wallpaper designs, you want to make sure it grabs maximum attention.

Here are some don’ts:

  • Don’t choose the wall that is behind you or out of your line of sight when you enter the room.
  • In a lounge or living area, don’t put the wallpaper on the wall behind where you’re sitting (unless it’s a high traffic area) because you won’t be able to see it when you’re sitting down and you really want to look at that wall of gorgeousness (especially if it’s one of our designs!)
  • Don’t choose a big and busy pattern if you’re going to hang the wallpaper around large windows and doors. There’s too much competition and a possible lack of symmetry.
  • Don’t put it around an open fireplace, gas or electric heater as the wallpaper will get heat damaged over time.
  • Don’t put it in the bathroom. Heat and humidity will get to your wallpaper eventually.

And here are some dos:

Squiggles - Ice Green wallpaper Design

Squiggles - Ice Green wallpaper Design. Looks great as a feature wall behind a bed

  • If you’re creating a feature wall where you watch TV, choose the wall with the TV.  Some people are worried that a busy pattern will be distracting. Nope. I’m onto my second feature wall behind the TV and both walls have very bold and they’ve not once distracted me whilst viewing ’60 Minute Makeover’ (Gotta love Friday night TV!)
  • In a bedroom, hang it behind the bed. Even if you have a bedhead.
  • For maximum impact, choose a full wall rather than one with windows.
  • Put it in a niche. Nice!
  • In an entrance hallway, think about which way the door opens inwards and then choose the wall opposite to the door. (Another tip is to not choose a wallpaper that’s too plain and light in colour as it’s a high traffic area and will experience more wear and tear over time than the wall behind your telly).
  • Consider the pattern choice when choosing your wall if there are windows or doors in the wall. For example, a design with lots of circles on it may look weird around a window as the squareness of the window may affect the symmetry of the feature wall overall.

If you have any more tips, please share them in the comments below.


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    October 25, 2010 at 6:00 am

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