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Things you can do with your wallpaper offcuts

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Whenever you hang wallpaper, you’re bound to end up with some offcuts.

Chances are, you’ve fallen in love with your wallpaper choice so why not use your offcuts to decorate your home or business further.

Rolls of wallpaper and offcutsHere are some ideas of things you can do with your wallpaper offcuts:

  • Decorate some cardboard or timber boxes
  • Decorate folders
  • Use it as wrapping paper for birthday gifts
  • Frame a large piece either on a canvas or under glass to create a stunning artwork
  • Wallpaper a filing cabinet
  • Wallpaper the top of a lamp table or coffee table and put glass over the top
  • Make coasters and placemat sets
  • If you have a freestanding cabinet or kitchen cabinet with glass doors, place the wallpaper on the back panel
  • Update a chest of drawers with your wallpaper design
  • Use them yourself or give them to friends who like scrapbooking.

If you can think of other things you can do with wallpaper offcuts, we’d love to hear. Please add your comments.


Written by silkinteriors

November 11, 2010 at 1:15 am

Posted in DIY, Wallpaper

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